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17 February 2007
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Formula Harris racing   Review
Pachaikili Muthucharam has Harris Jeyraj coming up with some lovely tunes, only by now you know his formula too well! More

Harris Jeyraj scores again with style  Review
Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu starring Kamal Haasan and Jyotika has some good restrained music which in turn lilts, moves, touches and pleases More

Abhinaya in vocal chords  Tribute
Beneath Shobha Gurtu's simplicity lay her virtuosity, and her ability to give expression to any composition, writes Kala Ramesh More

Remembering Aunt Willa  Special for The Music Magazine
Lionel Rolfe profiles the uncommon friendship between two great women: pianist Yaltah Menuhin and writer Willa Cather  More

Evoking Bade Ghulam Ali  Review
Dr Tapan Bhattacharya's morning concert in Chicago brought back memories of the maestro, writes Ashwini Rode More

A musical life that forgets the music   Book review

Song Sung True, Malka Pukhraj's memoir, is miserly in musical detail. She lived during very eventful years for India and Pakistan, but only comes across as an inconsistent and self-centred singer More

Parvati's desire and the shopping trolley   Feature

Dr Ananth Rao is a professor of applied mathematics who gives harikatha discourses in English More

City of angst   Review

Jupiter Cafe, Thermal and a Quarter's second album, deals mainly with urban confusion, and is light years ahead of the band's earlier work More

Taking the santoor West   Profile

Tarun Bhattacharya, the Maihar school's only santoor player, says it will take some time for his instrument to match the popularity of the sitar and the tabla in the West  More

Fall of a superb voice   Mail

P B Srinivas was in fine form when he lost his songs to Rajkumar, writes Katti V N  More

'If not this, what will you do with your life?'   Interview

Bruce Lee Mani, lead guitarist and vocalist of the rock band Thermal and a Quarter, says his is a band living on the edge   More

More on Norah   Mail

Santosh Ramakrishnan complains that the Norah Jones album review summarily dismisses her music, prompting Jazzebel to explain the reviewer's credo More

Zappas, Menuhins and Muthas   Special

This Mother's Day, Lionel Rolfe was thinking about his mother, the celebrated pianist Yaltah Menuhin, and her hatred of the crass commercialism that marks the day. That, and Frank and Candy Zappa and mothers and mothers... More

'Everybody likes song and dance'   Interview

Preetam Koilpillai, well-known pianist and director of the theatre group Black Coffee, feels Indian music is liberating and English theatre elitist More

A forum for key people   Event

The just-inaugurated Bijapure Harmonium Foundation hopes to prove a thing or two to those look down upon the instrument More

Birth of a dasa   Book

R K Padmanabha releases his compositions in a book titled Samarpana More

AV Expo for the audio and video buff   News

The big audio visual equipment show, held earlier in Mumbai and Delhi, visits Bangalore from June 20 to 22 More

Run, Majunu, Rhythm   Mail

The orchestra in recent Tamil films sounds good, but the videos are a let-down, writes Shankar Kalyana More

A creed proud of its roots   Review

The self-titled album of Indus Creed is a high water mark in the short history of Indian rock, and inspires Indian bands to discover their own sound More

Master classes with Pandit Birju Maharaj   Events

That's in Middlesex, England. In Japan, you can catch the Miyazaki international music festival. More

Goodbye, Drummer of Passion  Events

There was perhaps no single more important bridge between the African and African-American communities than Babatunde Olatunji, who died recently More

Death of a daring producer   News

Many say G Venkateswaran's suicide is a direct result of the financial collapse of the movie business More

Zero to hero   Review

Zero, the rock band from Mumbai, may not be able to write great lyrics, but they sure can turn out tunes that hold. That second quality justifies the title of their self-released album More

Easy listening, but demanding too!   Review

The virtuosity of Grover Washington Jr, who died recently, shows through in this reissued Anthology More

Rock in an ironic mode   Review

Thermal and a Quarter's self-titled debut album, for all its introspective words, is bright and punchy More

More than just a hundred   Mail

S Janaki sang nearly 12,000 songs, and Kannada was the language that gave her her due, writes Kaamran Ali Khan More

Fluent music in black two  Review

Parameshwar Hegde, disciple of Pandit Basavaraj Rajguru and one Karnataka's foremost vocalists, sings three upward-reaching ragas in a just released album More

Pop winds blowing through jazz  Review

George Benson turned to jazz-pop after an initial stint with the masters, and Breezin', just reissued, is his definitive commercial hit More

A beat and its roots  Mail

Where did the bossa nova rhythm originate? In Brazil or the USA? More

Dekh Chaand Ki Or (aka The Moon Tunes)  Quiz

How do songs about the moon, such favourites in Hindi movies, fare in English translation? Try these More

Will the real Norah please stand up?  Mail

Santosh Ramakrishnan thinks Norah Jones should be judged as a pop star with some jazz influence, but Jazzebel is convinced there is an agenda to play her up as a jazz singer More

Dear Sir, Madam or Beast  Mail

A Yanni fan gets hyper reading this magazine's review of If I Could Tell You More

Redemption songs from an impassioned band  Feature

A political edge lifts Junoon above populist entertainment and places it among the world's significant bands, writes Sreeram Chaulia More

The cream of Brazilian jazz  Review

Brazilian jazzmen gave insufficient importance to solo improvisation, but Bossa Nova shows that they could still produce delightful jazz More

A lyrical jazz master pulls out the stops  Review

Cafe Montmartre shows saxophonist Stan Getz at his best, and in his favourite setting More

Ganjam's November feast  Review
The three-day Flights of Fantasy music festival featured, among other things, a new raga called Chandrapriya More

The sitar and the life  Interview
Dr Chandrakant Sardeshmukh, disciple of Pandit Ravishankar and Annapurnadevi, tells Chuck Wesley how he grew up with the sitar More

The thing about jazz  Opinion
Jazz may be the surest way to starvation, but it is still a form of music that lets you be you, writes Colin D'Cruz More

Three divas, one stage  Review
Parveen Sultana, Girija Devi and Kishori Amonkar sang in Mumbai, one after the other, and Abhay Phadnis listened intently More

A winter concert by Jasraj  Events
This year's ITC festival features Jasraj and Yeshwant Bua Joshi. And Agra-Atrauli vocalist Lalith J Rao will be feted in Bangalore More

Spreading the good word   Debut concert on Nov 4
Ragini, a new group based in Seattle, plans to popularise lyrical Indian forms like the ghazal, geet and devaranaama More

Bondhu rangila re -- a tribute to S D Burman   Remembrance
An ardent admirer remembers the tunes and qualities that made this composer so endearing and so hard to forget More

Bombay Dreams from another perspective  Review
Although Rahman's wake-up call to the West comes with corny words, it is not without its bright moments, says Stithaprajna More

Indian truths rediscovered  Review
Dr K Varadarangan's efforts at studying relative frequencies deserve the attention of all musicologists, writes Vasanthamadhavi More

Good jazz with a rock tilt  Review
On Warning, Bill Cobham's tilt towards rock is more pronounced, and he is more on home ground as regards both his sidemen and the music More

Meeting Mr A&R Genius  Mail
Want to know what turns the record companies on? More

Dosa served with English chutney  Review
Bombay Dreams is mostly songs we have heard before. Did we wait so long just for a glitzy cover version? More

Norah Jones Uneasy listening  Review
Norah Jones may be Pandit Ravi Shankar's daughter, but the "jazz" album Come Away with Me gives no evidence that she has inherited his music More

Chandramushy at the triangle  Opinion
Sanjay Leela Bhansali has turned Devdas, a stellar moment in reformist Bengali literature, into a glittering Summer Brides catalogue, writes Ameen Merchant More

Spacing into two worlds  Exclusive
Guitarist Lee Boice, considered heir to the McLaughlin tradition, talks about the New York music scene and his latest album, Sacred Spaces, which features Ustad Sultan Khan More

Faustus in the Palisades  Special!

Two of this century's greatest artistic families got into a lifelong feud because a Mann tried to knife a Menuhin! Read an insider account of it all in Lionel Rolfe's new book, the third edition of Literary LA More

Stage whispers and soul songs  Feature

Know who did the music for G V Iyer’s milestone film Hamsageethe? T G Lingappa and B V Karanth. And who got the best music director award for it? M Balamuralikrishna! Therein lies a story... More

Master of the keys  Interview

Prof David Sebastian, guru to celebrity film composers, completes 40 distinguished years of organ-playing at Bangalore's St Mark's Church More

Contemplative jazz, but engaging  Review

Spiritual comes from a period when saxophonist Coltrane was on a journey of spiritual self-discovery that brought forth tortured musical outpourings More
The usual wedding menu  Review

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hain shows that all Yash Chopra film songs sound like Jatin-Lalit, no matter who makes the music! More

New kids on the block  Review

Billy Cobham presents Nordic: Off Colour is best described as modern mainstream jazz by exciting new talent More

Book on tonal shifts now in English  News

Sruti and Srutibedha, a book that musicologists had been anticipating for some time, has hit the stands More

Landing of the bumble bee  Review

Kamala Hassan's song, with the violin parts taken from a Russian composer, is the highlight of the film album Panchatantram More

25 years of Lata  RMIM Quiz

Arun Iyengar tests your knowledge of some of the better film and non-film songs of Lata Mangeshkar between 1977 and 2001 More

A debut and an absence  Review

Ivann is touted more as Sudha Raghunathan's crossover into moviedom and less as Ilaiyaraja's effort More

'Films are inimical to good music'  Exclusive

Madhav Das, executive director, Magnasound, is acerbic about film music and classical musicians. He says he would rather keep his doors open to independent artistes doing their own stuff More

The King's community  Mail

Have you heard about this site run by Elvis fans? More

The CD side of the battle  Protest

Music majors silence file sharing sites like Napster and Audiogalaxy, and provoke a CD boycott call More

Silence in close up  Exclusive tribute

M S Sathyu, filmmaker, speaks of Kaifi Azmi's political steadfastness, poetic integrity, and eloquent silences More

A resonance beyond 'background music'  Score

The soundtrack in Monsoon Wedding is not a decorative add-on but an integral part of the movie's texture and flow, says Surajit Bose More

Warm words on a cloudy day  Event

Balamuralikrishna is conferred the SVN Rao national award, and promises to sing more frequently More

A great poet bids goodbye  News

Kaifi Azmi, writer of immortal songs like Waqt ne kiya kya hasin sitam and Yeh duniya yeh mehfil, is dead More

One dark melody, and one parody please  Review

Sandeep Chowta's score for Ram Gopal Varma's Company has one ambient number in Khallas, and some situational gems More

Collection that makes good its boast  Review

Of the 14 tracks on The Very Best of Christmas Jazz, only a couple fall below the jazz standard of improvisation and innovation More

Looking for a guru  Mail

Is there a veena teacher in southern NJ? More

Sandeep Chowta and Alisha show their versatility  Review
The Made in India girl returns with an attractive self-titled album More

A five-year plan for musicians  Higher learning
R K Padmanabha has designed an annual summer camp that will help students learn the finer aspects of their classical art More

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